Featured Artists

Introducing the 27 acclaimed Pinays whose art graces Slicing Tomatoes. Please visit their artist pages in the dropdown menu or click on their names below, and dare to be further astounded.



Rejoy Armamento
Trinidad Escobar
Toniko Kanashiro Martinez
Ina Nolasco
Sasha Sapp
Jean Véngua

Oil / Acrylic / Watercolor / Collage

caren ang-oayp
Iyan de Jesus
Isobel Francisco
Pamela Gotangco Hupp
Genice Grace
Gab Lopez
Ronna Manansala
Ella Orencillo
Shannah Orencio
Lyn Pacificar
Katrina Pallon
Ala Paredes
Camille Quintos
Patricia Santos
Lhean Storm
JV Totañes
Mek Yambao


Eliza Gano
PJ Gepilano

*Each artist isn’t limited to the medium featured on Slicing Tomatoes and may also do multimedia work.

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