Creative Nonfiction

One Hundred and Eighty Eggs,” Hairstreak Butterfly Review, Issue No. 4, Flash Creative Nonfiction, 2021

“Manananggal,” Canthius (Canada), Issue No. 8, Flash Creative Nonfiction, 2020

“Giving Birth in a Time of War,” Cherry Tree: A National Literary Journal, Issue No. 6, Flash Essay, 2020

Bad Pro-Choicer,” Anomaly, Issue No. 29, “Outside Roe” feature folio, Personal Essay, 2019

Every Possible Scenario,” Memoir Magazine, #Guns and People, Creative Nonfiction, 2018

Tbilisi,” Cosmonauts Avenue, 4th Anniversary Issue, Creative Nonfiction, 2018

Blighted,” Mud Season Review, Issue No. 31, Creative Nonfiction, 2017

Massage,” As/Us, Issue No. 5 online, Creative Nonfiction, 2015

How My Grandparents Made Love in 1944,” As/Us, Decolonial Love, Issue No. 4, Creative Nonfiction, 2014

Queering the Straight Girl,” As/Us, Queer Issue, Creative Nonfiction/Academic Essay, 2013

“Sometime After 2 AM,” TAYO, Issue No. 4, Creative Nonfiction, 2012

“Everyday Actions: Jobs,” Make/shift Magazine, Issue No. 10, Personal Essay, 2011

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