Creative Nonfiction

forthcoming “This Thin Veil,” Sand Hills, Flash Creative Nonfiction, 2023

Saying Goodbye To One’s Writing Ghost,” Querencia Press, Guest Blog Post, 2022

Ansisit,” Pearl Press, Issue No. 13: Grayscale, Speculative Flash Creative Nonfiction, 2022

Lucky Star,” NiftyLit, Special Theme Issue: Our Bodies Our Rights, Flash Creative Nonfiction, 2022

When the Body Speaks,” MUTHA Magazine, Personal Essay, 2022

One Hundred and Eighty Eggs,” Hairstreak Butterfly Review, Issue No. 4, Flash Creative Nonfiction, 2021

“Manananggal,” Canthius (Canada), Issue No. 8, Speculative Flash Creative Nonfiction, 2020

“Giving Birth in a Time of War,” Cherry Tree: A National Literary Journal, Issue No. 6, Flash Essay, 2020

Bad Pro-Choicer,” Anomaly, Issue No. 29: Outside Roe, Personal Essay, 2019

Every Possible Scenario,” Memoir Magazine, #Guns and People, Creative Nonfiction, 2018

“Tbilisi,” Cosmonauts Avenue, 4th Anniversary Issue, Creative Nonfiction, 2018

Blighted,” Mud Season Review, Issue No. 31, Creative Nonfiction, 2017

Massage,” As/Us, Issue No. 5 online, Creative Nonfiction, 2015

How My Grandparents Made Love in 1944,” As/Us, Issue No. 4: Decolonial Love, Creative Nonfiction, 2014

Queering the Straight Girl,” As/Us, Queer Issue, Creative Nonfiction/Academic Essay, 2013

“Sometime After 2 AM,” TAYO, Issue No. 4, Creative Nonfiction, 2012

“Everyday Actions: Jobs,” Make/shift Magazine, Issue No. 10, Personal Essay, 2011

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