Fiction & Interviews


Kiss of the Fae Prince and the Dragon Midwife Manggagamod,” Mythos: Fae Folk, Issue No. 6, 2022

Birth of the Manananggal,” Mythos: Your Lore, Issue No. 5, 2022

Room,” Literature for Life, Issue No. 3, Novel Excerpt from From a Piece of Bamboo, 2015

“Were Different, Are Different,” Maganda Magazine: Community, Issue No. 27, Novel Excerpt from From a Piece of Bamboo, 2014

“Silent Afternoon,” Our Truths: Pregnancy, Issue No. 5, Short Story, 2008


We Are No Longer Babaylan: An Interview with Elsa Valmidiano,” Anti-Heroin Chic, Issue “Gathering,” 2020

Filipinx American Spotlight: Interview with Elsa Valmidiano,” Marías at Sampaguitas, 2020

Stand Firmly in Our Truth,” Mud Season Review, 2017

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