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For readers in the United States interested in purchasing a signed author copy of We Are No Longer Babaylan, payment of $24 can be made directly to me through Venmo (@Elsa-Valmidiano) OR PayPal (see PayPal button below), which includes book and shipping.  Thank you for your patience as I respond to each order with a message confirmation within 24 hours. If purchasing through Venmo, please make sure to include your mailing address in the notes box. Please also note that my supply of signed author copies is limited.

FOR ORDERS OUTSIDE THE UNITED STATES, please inquire first by leaving a comment below as shipping costs vary by country and will affect total cost. I will promptly reply if shipping to your location is feasible. Please note that COVID-19 can create severe delays for shipments domestically and internationally. Thank you for your patience. 

author copies


Elsa Valmidiano’s debut essay collection from New Rivers Press, 2020. A lyrical collection of essays that grapples with identity, family, and femininity, and with the dysphoria of being from a spiritual, matriarchal society in a colonized, patriarchal world. Price includes signed book and shipping.


For the latest updates about my book, please visit the
News page or my Instagram handle @elsavalmidiano.

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