Khervin John Gallandez

Khervin John Gallandez

Khervin John Gallandez is a self-taught contemporary painter born and raised in Laoag City, Ilocos Norte. He strives to connect with his audience through his vivid colored, progressive yet distinct brush strokes and impastoed subjects as seen in many of his works.

He blends the old and the new, with inspirations from the old masters, giving it a different approach on both his subjects and in his manner of painting. Proudly Ilocano, he provides finesse and eloquence in his works. Social media has provided new platforms for local artists, and he collaborates new information with old forms and styles of craft.

He incorporates his work using social media to make it more accessible to everyone. He has been active in the art scene since 2015 and joined numerous group exhibitions curated by different galleries, and successfully participated on some of the most notable art events held in Manila. Between Horizons is his first solo show at Art Anton Gallery.

You can view more of Khervin’s work here or his Instagram page @khervingallandez.

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