Rejoy Armamento

Rejoy Armamento

Rejoy Armamento is an illustrator, letterer and graphic designer living in Anchorage, Alaska. Her work is driven by movement, bold colors and human imperfections. With a blend of control and freestyle fluidity, she goes to a drippy, ethereal dreamworld where things like memories, emotions and her long-lashed muse lady are suspended in some kind of lava lamp. She explores themes of growing up Filipina-American, femininity and self-love. The color yellow is prominent throughout her work to represent an inner glow that she tries to seek within herself and encourage others to do the same. That glow is healing and self-compassionate. It’s a reminder that when darkness takes over us, we all contain healing light if we look hard enough.

Originally raised in California in a traditional Filipino household, Rejoy has lived away from her family for about 10 years in exchange for a life of travel. This, in turn, has pushed her to preserve and celebrate her upbringing—the rituals, the Tagalog language, the feelings that came along with having a split identity. With art and design, she can bring her home to wherever she is.

As Rejoy continues to grow as a visual artist, her goal is to become more involved with community-based projects such as mural-making and sign-painting through traveling. She is passionate about transforming people’s stories and sharing it with the world.

You can view more of Rejoy’s art at or her Instagram page at

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