Your Body Is Not A Temple

Blog 48 Inktober No 11
Image: “Inktober No. 11” by Rejoy Armamento, pen and ink on paper, 2017


Your body is not a temple
as temples were built
by hands of men.

Your body is not a temple
as a Stanford swimming champ
blessed a dumpster
and broke the seams of your
unconscious mouth.


Only give yourself to those who love you.
Your body is a temple, they told you

when loyalty and respect are  
never natural guarantees.

You had to learn the hard way
how fish do not need bicycles. 


You are not made of rubble and
chalkboards and purity rings.


You are earth / song
in a pair of panties.

You are heaven / flesh
with braceleted arms.

You are meteorite
birthing fire and light.


You are not encased
by those who claim to be holy.


Your body was never a temple
as you stretch across magnetic fields

defying even stardust
by the blood of the moon.

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1 thought on “Your Body Is Not A Temple

  1. This is lovely and the art work, amazing.

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