Eliza Gano

Eliza Gano

Eliza B. Gano is a Filipina-American communications professional based in Southern California. She has worked for entertainment, lifestyle and trade magazines, domestic and overseas newspapers and online outlets. She has a Masters in Journalism from USC. While an LA native and world traveler, it was a brief stint in Little Rock, Arkansas, which would shape her outlook on photography and herself, not just noticeably being one of the few Filipina-Americans in the deep south, but how she believes beauty is everywhere, humbling but still elevating the soul every day. 

As a photographer, Eliza loves being able to see what will unfold in a shot. Despite living in sunny Southern California, she prefers shooting under cloudy weather, but especially right before and immediately after a sunset, which is her forte. Other shooting subjects include the ocean, trees, sweeping landscapes, stunning architecture, as well as candid intimate shots with people and her adorable furry children—Maxx, Hobbes, and Ripley.

You can read more about Eliza and her photography at www.elizagano.com or her Instagram page at instagram.com/alize_bel.

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