Lyn Pacificar

Lyn Pacificar

Lyn Pacificar is a Filipina American artist and albularya in Los Angeles.   

Lyn works predominantly in the medium of oil, and uses direct and indirect painting methods with glazing technique.  She enjoys drawing with pen and pencil, painting with acrylics, and mixed media applications as grounds for her oil paintings. Her artistic passion involves manifesting art rooted in the metaphysical, transcendental, and spiritual realities.

Her pieces are concoctions of feelings and intentions that are derived from her observation, study and love of nature, from the tiniest life forms to the infinitely expansive multiverse.  Every detail invokes connection between the conscious and subconscious, creationism, evolutionism, inter-dimensional existences, and the human experience into one harmonic portrait. 

Her art is visual medicine – mystical messages permeating the subconscious and spirit.  It activates and decodes one’s inner potential in order to continue the process of awakening and birthing into full being.

You can view more of Lyn’s art and her healing services at

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