Lora Arbrador

Lora Arbrador

Inspired by her career as a Registered Nurse, Lora Arbrador explores themes of surgery, death and dying, and even colostomy in her visual art. She also explores the delights and agony of love, bordering on gentle eroticism in a setting of botanical extravagance. With regard to her Medical Mysteries paintings, Lora captures the emotion and intimacy of medicine that is oftentimes overshadowed by its formalities. 

Lora expresses her artistry in the ancient medium of egg tempera. She combines pigment with egg yolk, which has a sensual feel when applied to a plaster ground that coats a wooden board. The dozens of built-up layers create a nuanced luminosity. 

Lora has exhibited in galleries and museums throughout the United States. She is based in the Bay Area where her growth, career, and success as an artist span over thirty years. 

You can view more of Lora’s art at instagram.com/arbrador/ or her website at www.arbrador.com.

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