Rosell Flatley

Rosell Flatley

Originally from Bohol, Rosell Flatley is a Filipina-Australian visual artist, muralist, performance artist, educator, and curator currently based in Sydney. Her work explores cultural identity, the female form, and mental health. Rosell has become well-known for her bold and beautiful murals, sharp graphic designs and colourful illustrations. She is a local artist and supporter of unheard voices, particularly amongst creatives battling mental health, sexual identity, and cultural diversity within the art community.

Rosell’s most recent work is a performance piece where she takes on an alter-ego, Indai, a Filipina submissive, domestic, sexual plaything. She interrogates this fetishized stereotype through hyper-sexualised force-feeding of the traditional Filipino food “Adobo.” Indai, while stereotyped, also seizes power over her audience through her interactions.

Rosell is a founder of New Moon, a community art and engagement collective which is currently running a community engagement program at Thirning Villa, Ashfield.

Rosell’s stunning murals have not only appeared in Sydney but also her hometown in Bohol.

Her work has been exhibited/performed in places such as the Fairfield City Museum & Gallery, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Artspace Sydney, and PACT as well as other venues in Sydney.

You can read more about Rosell and her art at or her Instagram page at

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