Sasha Sapp

Sasha Sapp ORIG
Sasha Sapp is a Philly-raised teacher, visual artist, language enthusiast, and connection-seeker residing in Brazil. She graduated in 2017 from Colorado College with a BA in Comparative Literature and decided to roam the world teaching and making art.

Her work is who she is: incomplete and frazzled, yet firm and intentional. This is directly reflected in her frequented subject matter which features pensive yet distraught women (mostly Filipina and black, like herself). She takes this approach to directly share herself with the world and transmit it onto paper.

Sasha mainly works in pencil and pen, though some feature charcoal and pastels. The connection between the hand, the tool, and sheet of paper has fulfilled her since she began to teach herself how to draw over 15 year ago.

Sasha currently teaches English in Santa Cruz do Sul, Brazil. Her endeavors include travel, making sketchbook series, and language acquisition.

You can view more of Sasha’s art on her Instagram page at

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