Stephanie Kreuz

Stephanie Kreuz

Stephanie Kreuz grew up in Maryland and moved West in 2010 to pursue an MFA at Mills College. She graduated with a focus in Fiction and went on to work in educational publishing for several years. A creative at heart, she never stops thinking about her next project. She started Kreuzberg Design in 2015 as an outlet for exploring her artistic interests outside of her career. In 2017, she became a videographer and her hands went on to be featured in over 50 DIY videos. When she discovered that wasn’t her path, she resigned and took several months off before landing a fulfilling role in e-commerce.

Since her sabbatical, she’s nurtured her creative side and returned to mediums she had left behind including photography, jewelry making, and painting, among many others. Her latest focus is abstract art and she’s spent the last year defining her style. An avid photographer for over 12 years, she uses her keen eye in composition to lay the ground work for her art, creating shapes and forms that draw the eye across the canvas. Her inspiration often comes from shapes in nature including flowers, clouds, and the ocean. In particular, she’s drawn to complementary colors and tends to work with a limited palette.

When she’s not making art, she spends her time antiquing and watching Gilmore Girls reruns. She lives in Oakland, CA with 23 plants.

You can view more of Steph’s art at Commission requests can be made at her Instagram page or her Etsy page @stephaniekreuz

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