Genice Grace

Genice Grace

Genice Grace is a Bay Area-based Filipina-American visual artist. Her story can be found between each brush stroke. Emotions of a turbulent coming of age and the integrity of a spiritual awakening gave way in March of 1999 when she picked up her paintbrush for the first time in ten years and transformed herself through her art. The passion that her work evokes is a phenomenon as audiences viewing her work have been noted to become emotionally overwhelmed in gallery exhibits. 

Genice began to rediscover herself as an artist by studying the great masters such as Dali, O’Keeffe, and Magritte in libraries. She started painting with oil on canvas and discovered a distinctive style she could call her own. A transition that gave resounding volume to a once muted voice, Genice has much to say about love, consciousness, beauty, pain, and the resourcefulness of the human spirit. 

Since then, Genice has received many accolades for her art. 

You can read more about Genice at her Facebook artist page here.

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