Blog 44 Diwata
Image: “That Is Your Oath” by Camille Quintos, oil on canvas, 2015

“Some people automatically associate horns with evil. I use them to represent the outsiders or ‘the others,’ which is not synonymous with evil.” – Camille Quintos


What if I told you She was
my goddess

and She went to bed every night

rumpled morning sheets

desecrated water fountains

the crack of dinner plates

the setting fire to a cheating man’s clothes? 

What if I told you Eve was our Messiah 
who didn’t allow

the gasping of air cradled
in sweat-soaked sheets from a bad dream

a bad life? 

What if I told you Her teeth
flapped out of his skin

he, who stole from Her recluse tongue

bringing profligates to their knees? 

What if I told you the Serpent was
Adam’s own jealous lie? 

What if I told you She breathed
roses and knives cradling Her belly?

– how a child

could make Her body

a home
you let the lambs in to rest? 

– or when She dreamed

water so blue

the horizon became a swimming pool
between ocean and sky? 

What if I told you that fire
set Her divinity ablaze

until She became the Sun itself:

Destroyer Demon Witch Woman Rebel Healer Savior Mother Maiden Matriarch Woman Queen Warrior Woman Sin Temptress Mistress Wife Heartbreaker Lover Love Woman Dream                      Woman                      Salvation                        Woman                       Woman


Blog 44 Diwata 2
Image: “Horny Girl” by Camille Quintos, acrylic on paper, 2015

*“Diwata” was published in NOMBONO: An Anthology of Speculative Poetry by BIPOC Creators, Knoxville: Sundress Publications, 2021

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2 thoughts on “Diwata

    1. Thank you, Toniko. Another artist personally messaged me to say she liked this poem too. I’m always touched by certain poems that really connect with my readers. ❤


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