We Are No Longer Babaylan

Low Tide (detail), oil on canvas, 2014
Image: “Low Tide” (detail) by Isobel Francisco, oil on canvas, 2014

*updated as of July 26, 2020

Dear Reader, 

This article has been removed and will be published in my forthcoming debut essay collection, We Are No Longer Babaylan, scheduled for release in Fall 2020 by New Rivers Press. The cover art of the book will also feature one of Isobel Francisco’s pieces but will be different than the image featured here. Information for purchase of the collection can be found here. The collection will include a few essays that first appeared here on Slicing Tomatoes as well as various pieces that first appeared in journals and anthologies. 

Thank you for stopping by. 

~Elsa Valmidiano 


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