Wishing All the Best Kamatis

Dear Readers,

This note should appear in the News section but I thought a formal post was necessary as I gratefully recognize how many of you have faithfully followed Slicing Tomatoes’ journey.

Due to pressing projects, I have decided to no longer post new collaborations. If a fave entry of yours has gone missing from this site, the likely reason is that you will see it again in print, thus its removal here. Some have already gone on to reappear in my debut essay collection, We Are No Longer Babaylan.

It means so much to me how many of you have reached out with encouraging and thoughtful messages over the years, some of whom I have even met and hugged in person. I remain grateful for your welcoming and positive reception after I shared newly birthed and vulnerable work on this site while I was still shaping pieces that would ultimately land in my larger published collections. I also feel very honored to have introduced many of you to the work of Pinay artists featured here who deserve nothing but praise. Out of the many collaborations on this site, meaningful friendships and connections were forged.

Infinite gratitude to the 36 Pinay artists and the 7 guest artists featured, from Ináng-bayan to everywhere in the Diaspora, who contributed beautiful and thought-provoking media to Slicing Tomatoes. I highly encourage you to read about the artists featured here, and also be aware that there are countless Pinay artists in the Motherland and the Diaspora making waves with their groundbreaking art. Find them, support them, purchase and frame their art! We are everywhere.

Despite my decision to no longer post new collaborations, I won’t be changing the name of the website anytime soon, so rest assured the kamatis is sticking around. I’ll let you know if it changes. And if a matter of urgency arises that I just have to blog about something, you’ll find me here too. Otherwise, stay tuned as I continue to hit the shelves, hopefully at your local bookstore and local library. I also look forward to meeting many of you at a future reading.

Very soon I’ll be sharing some exciting news where you’ll find announcements in the News section with links to journals, anthologies, and presses where my new work will appear.

Thank you so so much for reading and visiting Slicing Tomatoes. Agyamanac unay! Salamat kaayo! Maraming salamat! 

Wishing you all of the best kamatis!
Elsa Valmidiano


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