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September 27, 2022

Anthologie 1 Cover
Cover by Joseph Nicolas Duarte and Stephanie Morrill

Mythos’ Anthologie Vol. I is now available for purchase! Along with folklore and fairy tales from around the world, my Philippine and Irish folkloric/fairy tales appear here: “Birth of the Manananggal” and “Kiss of the Fae Prince and the Dragon Midwife Manggagamod.”

Purchasing links:
* Paperback
* Hardcover
* Digital issue

Agyamanac unay, Mythos! Swooning over all the magicalness and ethereal beauty. Please read and support!


September 26, 2022

Lucky Star by Rowan Bartolomei
Original artwork by Rowan Bartolomei

New CNF flash piece,Lucky Star,” is now available to read and purchase at NiftyLit. Each piece at NiftyLit is available for purchase, and for this particular OUR BODIES, OUR RIGHTS: SPECIAL ISSUE, proceeds from the sale of these literary and art NFTs go to support the Women’s Reproductive Rights Assistance Project. WRRAP, established in 1991, is a non-partisan, nonprofit organization assisting women and birthing folks who are financially unable to pay for safe, legal abortions or emergency contraceptives.

With the recent Roe reversal and now the threat of a federal abortion ban sweeping the nation that would put the lives of millions of women and pregnant people at risk of injury or death, these pieces have become a call-to-arms.

If you need help learning how to purchase these pieces, please reach out to NiftyLit! Full issue of OUR BODIES, OUR RIGHTS is being released the week of September 26. Please support and let’s make abortion safe and accessible for all.


September 1, 2022

My book review of Trinidad Escobar’s Arrive In My Hands from Black Josei Press finds a home in Issue 4 at Honey Literary. The full review can be accessed here.

In this 120-page collection of Queer erotica poetry comics, the literary and visual talents of award-winning poet and cartoonist, Trinidad Escobar, exist simultaneously in this collection, where the poetry cannot exist without the image, and the image cannot exist without the poetry. Order a copy of Arrive In My Hands from Black Josei Press and see all of the amazingness!

It is also Honey Lit’s 2nd birthday! Submissions for Issue 5 have opened today at Honey Literary. The Hive is ready to hear from you.

I hope everyone enjoys all of the new yummy amazing pieces in Issue 4.


August 16, 2022

Mythos_Kiss of the Fae Prince and the Dragon Midwife Manggagamod

New piece up in Issue VI, “Fae Folk” at Mythos. Some fairy tale light during these trying times, “Kiss of the Fae Prince and the Dragon Midwife Manggagamod” is a fairy tale of interracial and intermagical love between an Irish Fae prince and an Ilocano witch. You will also find gender-fluid and same-sex love between an Irish Fae queen and her gender-fluid Fae trickster spouse.

This fairy tale reimagines the powerful Ilocano witches and dragons of Philippine folklore, now finding themselves refugees in the Irish Fae kingdom of Canibri where the love between a Fae prince and an Ilocano witch is threatened in the midst of a world war against all things magical.

This fairy tale is inspired by my own interracial and intermagical marriage with my husband who is of Irish descent while I am of Ilocano descent where I wanted to honor both of our heritages. Who knew that this subject matter would be relevant to the current threat concerning a few of our “settled freedoms” today.

Pixies and dragons also make an appearance. Get intoxicated with some magic.


Mythos Anthologie Vol I cover reveal
Cover by Joseph Nicolas Duarte and Stephanie Morrill

COVER REVEAL! Stay tuned for details on Mythos’ upcoming Anthologie: Volume 1.

My reimagined tellings: “Birth of the Manananggal” and “Kiss of the Fae Prince and the Dragon Midwife Manggagamod” will be published in this fairytale anthology come SEPTEMBER which you can physically hold in your hands!


June 15, 2022


Very pleased to share this book review I did of Maria Bolaños’ debut poetry chapbook, Sana, from Sampaguita Press. Thank you, South 85 Journal, for the space. The complete review can be accessed here.

As the title of Bolaños’ Sana indicates an expression of hope and wishing, i.e. “if only,” her poems shape a complex love song to her Motherland, the Philippines, as well as to her own diasporic body no matter where that body ultimately resides. It is in this love song that Bolaños breaks open her collection where we see how the very conditions in which we live can either lead us to apathy or longing in the Diaspora.

Sana is Sampaguita Press’ inaugural publication. The press has stellar poetry collections in their catalogue being released very soon. Stay tuned by following their account.


June 13, 2022

Unbound - Anthology on Composing Home
Image: Cover design by recent MSU Moorhead graduate, Angela Konz

Presenting the cover of the newest New Rivers Press anthology, Unbound: Composing Home, which will be available for purchase this Fall, where 21 writers reflect on the concept of home and the multifaceted ways it can be interpreted. “First Home,” my lyrical flash CNF piece will appear.

From Managing Editor Nayt Rundquist’s introduction:

As my obsession with narratives bloomed & I shifted into my role as managing editor at New Rivers, I realize that I built another family here—a new home in the narratives & works of my writing friends & family—in their words, in their minds, in their lives. That’s what this anthology amounts to: an assemblage, a gallery, a collage of a few members of my writerly found family. A tribute to how they grapple with their own understanding of home—juxtapositions palimpsestic, vibrant, & polyvalent. Beautiful & resonant in the ways they are themselves. Reading their homes has helped me understand my knowing of the word too.


May 21, 2022

Tales of an Inland Empire Girl

Very honored to present this book review I did for Tales of an Inland Empire Girl by Juanita E. Mantz that has been published in Atticus Review. The book review can be accessed here.

Juanita E. Mantz, Riverside County Public Defender and USC Law graduate, chronicles her childhood and adolescence in this deeply moving memoir told in short vignettes and poetry with humor and grace, where each piece can be read independently through the innocent voice of a child and teenager. Filled with vulnerability, innocence, compassion, and forgiveness, Tales of an Inland Empire Girl allows us to see the groundwork of what can shape and drive us to the success stories we choose to be.

If you haven’t picked up this book yet, I hope this review inspires you to do so!

Thank you, Atticus Review, for giving space to this book review.


May 10, 2022

CLMP AAPI Reading List 2022CLMP NonfictionCLMP WANLB 2022

We Are No Longer Babaylan makes it again on CLMP’s Reading List for Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month 2022 for Nonfiction. For the complete list of poets and writers on this month’s list, please visit here.


May 1, 2022

Mythos Magazine

New piece up in Issue V, Spring 2022: “Your Lore” at Mythos in honor of our Manananggal, our genealogical maternal ancestor, who defied and was enraged and was always there to take the blame for so many unexplained tragedies, so women wouldn’t have to blame themselves or their bodies for the things we cannot control.

In honor of our beloved viscera-sucking creature, this short folkloric tale, “Birth of the Manananggal” is a feminist reimagining of the Manananggal’s origin story, an origin story that remains shrouded in mystery even among native Filipinos. This story also reimagines the origin of the mangkukulam, the Tagalog witches of the Philippines who continue to thrive and are feared as much as they are respected today.

Thank you, Mythos for giving space to this reimagined tale. As you can see, I adore our beloved viscera-sucking creature.


February 16, 2022

Not Flowers book cover

Winner of the 2021 Variant Lit Microchap Contest, Noreen Ocampo’s Not Flowers is now available for preorder, shipping March 22nd. I blurbed this beautiful book along with incomparable authors Lannie Stabile, Jennifer Co, and Janice Lobo Sapigao. You will not want to miss this gorgeous body of work.

The preorder link for Noreen’s book can be found here.


February 1, 2022

MUTHA Magazine logoMUTHA Magazine

New essay, “When the Body Speaks,” prefaced by a poem conjuring ancestral mothers, is up at MUTHA Magazine about how the pervasiveness of white supremacist work culture not only is hostile to female employees desiring pregnancy, but how these same systemic conditions in the workplace can affect a woman’s overall health and well-being. Thank you to MUTHA editor Cheryl Klein who patiently sat with me while I unpacked this essay. You can access the article here.



New book review at Up The Staircase Quarterly of Eileen R. Tabios’ DoveLion: A Fairy Tale for Our Times. My little sum up of the book: From acclaimed poet, Eileen R. Tabios, comes her epic first novel, a novel of erotic encounters, political intrigue, meta literary references, and ancestral/indigenous exhumation. You can access the full book review here.

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