October 9, 2017, Monday 

What is it about her artist smile
who uses her hand to paint
sashes of dark blue
celestial bodies when
the world is going to shit
– from “Oakland Muralist”

You can read the rest of the poem at Yes, Poetry.

Please enjoy poems, “Guava Picking” and “Oakland Muralist” posted on Yes, Poetry today.

Announcement Folks
Image: my folks

“Guava Picking” was inspired by walks spent with my folks during weekend visits back in my LA neighborhood in the quaint city of Carson.


Image: Trinidad Escobar
Image: Yunnie Tsao Snyder

Images: Oakland Peace Center Mural (photos courtesy of Yunnie Tsao Snyder, 2016)

“Oakland Muralist” was inspired by the amazing visionary work of Trinidad Escobar and Yunnie Tsao Snyder, who together form a two witch-warrior-woman team of muralists in Oakland called 3 Realms Collective. In and around the time they were working on the Oakland Peace Center Mural, Black Lives Matter protests were taking place all over Berkeley and Oakland as well as the rest of the country, and then the tragic event of the Ghost Ship fire in Fruitvale had rocked Oakland shortly thereafter. The spiritual/physical/emotional energy it took for Trinidad and Yunnie to finish the Oakland Peace Center Mural in the midst of the events surrounding them had been beyond measure, and so “Oakland Muralist” is dedicated to them. You can learn more about their work at 3 Realms Collective here.

Please enjoy and share. xoxo

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