Yeah, What Trinidad Said

Blog 8 Women's Bodies
Image: “Truth Is, If You Can’t Handle My Mind You Got No Chance Handlin’ This Body” by Trinidad Escobar, acrylic ink on paper, 2012

Do you know who I am
besides being the cute, shy Filipina
with long straight black hair
and a size zero body?

Do you know who I am
where assumptions shouldn’t take precedent
over my gender, culture, and identity 
even after I’ve practiced my passion skills
on your body one night
and you unawares
couldn’t even marvel at my art?

Do you know who I am
as you make offensive remarks
that burn like smoldering cigarettes
and I try not to taste the nicotine
under your tongue
like you have years of pain
and hiding?

I secretly resign
with sighs at night
and a heavy mind with
too many sheep to count
and you –
can you survive on passion
out of your reach
with nothing but a memory
when I softly kissed your body to
where your warm blood gathers
and I had you pinned
with my small arms
kissing your lashes

your chin

your Adam’s Apple

biting your ribs

your stomach

just hard enough leaving teeth marks?

Do you get me?
“Get” – the verb
carousing in my brain  
to understand, comprehend, grasp
see, fathom, follow
perceive, unravel, decipher

the great word with an elusive definition

when the rule remains: you can’t touch me


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